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Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013--Week 61

Hello :)

The only news today is that it's changes.  My comp is leaving just like we knew he would (to an area hotter than here, just about like Huixtla).  My new companion is named Elder Reyes, and he´s coming from Tapachula.  The thing is, there are two elders that are named Elder Reyes in Tapachula, and both are zone leaders, so it could be either of them.  I´ve met them but don´t know either of them very well.  If it´s the one I think it is, he´s actually from the city of Oaxaca.  So, he´s getting transferred to his own state.  Kind of cool.  So, this past change, I don´t think that my English really improved all that much because we spoke a lot of Spanglish and I probably couldn´t call it English.  So, my English probably stayed about neutral.  But, now it´s probably back to the downward spiral for my English.  But that´s ok :) I learn more Spanish when I´m with Mexicans.  

Mom, good prompt questions :) thank you.  Well... This week I ate "fish soup" (caldo de pescado) for the first time.  It had shrimp in it.  Like the entire shrimp.  We had to take the head off and the shell and stuff.  That part was pretty cool and pretty good and pretty messy.  There was also an entire boiled fish in there.  That part I didn´t like as much.  It was really hard to eat and I almost ate a bunch of bones and it was even more messy. They eat a ton of soup here.  They think it´s really really healthy.  It´s usually chicken soup, which is probably fairly healthy.  Other times, it´s beef soup.  Really fatty beef. Like you feel an entire coating of fat in your mouth after eating it.  So soup is kind of the bane of our existence because it´s so hot and we don´t really want to come and eat some nice piping hot soup when we're hot.  The good thing is that when you´re hungry, everything tastes good.  And, I do want to say that I have never left food on my plate in my mission. And I can almost always down seconds, even when I don´t like it.  Because I do really appreciate the sacrifice that the hermanas make to prepare us food and I don't want to offend them.  That would make me sad.  

But anyway, every Wednesday, we eat with the members that own our house.  They actually have this property with a big fence around it.  Their house is inside.  Also one of the kids of the hermano have a house and then another little house (that´s ours).  They hire a lady to keep up their house and the property full time and to do laundry and cook and stuff.  And she cooks really really good food.  So every Wednesday is like a three entre meal.  They give us a little soup or bowl of beans ("la entrada")(but a good soup, not the soup I just talked about), the then main entre ("el plato fuerte"), and then dessert ("el postre").  And it´s always really good.  Like last week, she totally made us barbeque chicken with potato wedges.  And they do NOT make food like that here.  So that was pretty sweet.  And she also puts a nice salad on there which is great because they don´t eat enough vegetables here, especially raw vegetables.  Remind me to explain Mexican "antojitos" next week.  Because that´s my favorite part.  And a little bit about Chahuites. Because my time is up.

Oh, I just talked with the assistants, and I´m almost positive we´ll be able to skype for Mother's Day.  The time limit is 40 minutes :/ but, that´s ok!  We´ll probably do it on Mexican Mother´s Day (always the 10th) because my comp is going to be Mexican.  I´ll let you know for sure next week.  Also, from talking to them I learned that my new companion is the Elder Reyes that I thought.  So, I´ve got that figured out now, too :)

Anyway, I love you all very much :) you´re great.  And I love you.  If I didn´t already mention that.  Seriously though.  I´m just in a really great mood today (don´t think it´s because I´m glad to be getting rid of my comp, because we did really get along really well!).  So, I love you all extra much. 


Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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