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Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 22, 2013--Week 60

Dear Fam,

So, I feel like these weekly emails get really repetitive.  Same old, same old around here :) I´m doing well.  I´m happy.  I´m constantly sweating, but that´s ok :) hmm... what else?  People here stare at us a lot.  Like right now there are these two little kids here in the ciber with their mom and they´ve been staring at us for like 10 minutes.  I think it´s because they´re used to seeing missionaries, but not two gringos.  And, Elder Enke is like 4 inches taller than I am and played football and lacrosse in high school too so we pretty much walk around like giants around here.  It´s kind of comical.  Yeah :) I don't have too much else to say nor do I have pictures to send today.  And I´m running out of time.  So, I´ll just share a scripture real fast :) I´m going to start doing weekly scriptures again, I think, since I´ve pretty much adjusted to the computer time being how it is now.  

The scripture is in Doctrine and Covenants.  That reminds me--everyone here says "Doctrinas y Convenios", which really bugs me, because it´s not Docrinas, it´s Doctrina!  There is only ONE doctrine.  But anyway.  Sorry for that rant.  The scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 50:41-44.  I don´t really have any comments on the scripture.  I just like it a lot :) I love the way that the Lord speaks in these verses.  That´s something really special about Doctrine and Covenants, it´s the Lord´s own voice.  Anyway, I hope you guys love this scripture as much as I do.  Have a great week!  I love you all very very much and can´t wait to talk to you in just a few week (Also, I haven´t heard anything about it, but I´m assuming we get to skype like we did at Christmas.  I´ll ask next time I get a chance.)

Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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