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Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013--Week 57

Dear Mom,

So, I´ll try to talk this week about the things you asked me to talk about. :)

I get along super well with my comp.  He´s from Massachusettes (no idea how to spell that) but has moved around a ton in his life too so we relate pretty well on that.  For the first week we did really well at speaking in Spanish all the time.  Then, we kind of went a little bit down hill from there and we´re speaking mostly English now.  I´ve realized from this that even though it´s not at all hard for me to express myself in Spanish anymore, I can express myself more fully in English just because of my lack of Spanish vocab.  I´d like to get the point where I can express myself in the same way in Spanish as I can in English.  Anyway though, it´s been pretty cool to have another American comp again finally, and we´re doing well.  He´s just going to be my comp for this change, though, because in this mission nobody ever finishes their mission as assistant or zone leader, so their last change they´re a normal senior comp, and next change is going to be his last, so he´ll be going to another area.  

So, as far as investigators go, there has been quite a bit of success in this area lately and success breeds success so I´m very grateful to be able to be here.  We´re going to have a baptism the 13th of a friend of one of the recent converts.  Her name is Pato.  Which means "duck".  But that´s just her nickname.  Anyway, we just started teaching her cousin this week, too, because she was just randomly there when we went to teach her a lesson.  There is a place in Preach My Gospel that it says roughly that the Lord will put the people who He has prepared in our path.  It's kind of cool that we experienced that.  The cousin is going to be baptized within a couple of weeks, too.  Also, we found this lady a couple weeks ago and started teaching her.  After teaching her a couple of times, we learned that she was baptized a really long time ago.  So, that was kind of funny.  We´re working on reactivating her instead.  Apart from that, we´re also working with the family of a guy who got baptized a couple months back.  He stopped going to church already, so we´re working with him too.  But, his wife isn´t a member.  And, we´re working with several other families like that, too.  There are a lot of part-member families here.  I love working with the part-member families.  I think it's much better than working with individuals, because we´re uniting families and preparing them to be eternal families.

Well, that´s all I´ve got to report this week :) I love you all very much and hope that you´re well.  Take care!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Nickerl

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