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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013--Week 59

Hello everyone.

So, on the keyboard that I´m using today the number row doesn´t work, just the side one, so that means I can´t type exclamation points and parenthases and stuff... I´m going to have to copy and paste them in and will thus not use as many as I usually do and this email may not sound quite as animated as usually.  But I´m just as excited as usual, it´s just that the keyboard is a little depressed today.  

First of all, happy birthday to Adam and Jared!  I can´t believe you guys are already 18.  I feel like I just turned 18.  It really feels like almost no time has passed.  Pretty crazy. Wow.  

So, nothing new to report this week.  I feel like I kind of just do the same thing every week so there´s nothing really new to talk about.  But, we didn´t end up having a baptism this week.  We had to re-schedule it for a couple weeks out.  Other than that... really no new news.  We wake up.  We run.  We shower and get ready.  We study.  We leave.  It´s really hot.  We walk around a lot.  We go to people´s houses.  And we teach them about the Gospel :D and that´s that.  And then we get home, we plan for the next day, sometimes we eat, and then we go to sleep.  So there you have it.  

That´s about all for this week.  I love you all very much.  I pray for you often.  Have a great week!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

I just wanted to send this funny picture.  This happens all the time in Mexico.  There are just drunk guys sleeping on the curb and sidewalk and I´ve always wanted to take a picture with one.  So I finally did.  My companion also took one by him.  It was pretty hilarious and we were really cracking up so we´re pretty surprised this guy didn´t wake up.

Our investigator has a new... Raccoon?  Yep, our investigator does have a blind raccoon.  First time I've touch a raccoon in my life.  But it get´s kind of viscous sometimes and bit me pretty hard so I don´t mess with it too much haha.

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