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Friday, November 9, 2012

November 5, 2012--Week 36

1. So, how was "El día de muertos"? I know what we talked about in our class and read about in our textbook. But, what is it really like--where you are? How do the people celebrate and what do they do? Were you part of any festivities?

Basically, it was super lame.  I was expecting a ton of festivities and stuff, but it turns out that the people of Huixtla are not super festive.

2.  At one point, you mentioned a new chapel being built in Huixta? Is it close to done? Is it a regular church building? I know last week with the baptism photo, you mentioned that you really miss the pretty San Jose building.  That made me think to ask the question.

Nooooooooo.  They decided that they´re putting it on hold until February (they haven´t even started) because the branch did not meet the goals that they set.

4.  You talked about Antonio being an English teacher.  Where does he teach?  At a university or high school?  Do you talk with him in English?  :)

Antonio isn´t an English teacher, but he is a teacher.  Of primary school (that´s not what we say in english... whatever comes before middle school).  Like 2nd grade I think.

5.  Lastly--how was your week?  I hope that the baptism went through and that the Spirit was strong and the branch members came as a support.  

Our week was awesome because of Antonio´s baptism.  I really feel so privileged to have been able to teach him.  Not that I don´t love the other people that I´ve baptized as well, but this was definitely the most special baptism that I´ve had since being in the field. The sad thing is that only one family came to the baptism.  But, the baptism was very special nonetheless, and we confirmed him yesterday and also ordained him a priest, which he asked me to do, which was very special because I know that he is going to be a great Priesthood holder and will honor his Priesthood and use it to serve the Lord and others, and because I had never done it in Spanish before.  

Also, another awesome thing happened this week.  Elder Daniel L. Johnson of the First Quorum of the Seventy, and President of the Area of Mexico, came to talk to the 2 zones of Tapachula.  It was very special and personal, and we felt the Spirit and received revelation for our area, and even more so for how to improve ourselves individually as missionaries, and as I have put in practice some of the things that he told us to do in this week, I have had some very special experiences, and have felt an increase in the guidance of the Spirit.  Also, I just wanted to share specifically with you, Mom, about his wife.  I´m pretty sure that Sister Johnson did not speak Spanish before he was called to be president of the area of Mexico, but you can see how hard she has worked to learn, because she communicated herself very well, and she had a very special spirit about her when she spoke to us.  She was a huge example for me in that aspect, and I thought you might like to hear about that as well :)

A frustrating thing that happened this week is that I lost our cell phone (I know... I never lose trash like that... but there´s a first time for everything) by leaving it in a taxi on Saturday, so we will not be recovering it.  And, that pretty much puts any plans that we had to do exchanges on hold until we get a new one.  I was excited to do my first exchange not only as district leader, but just as senior comp (we were going to do them this week).  But, that´s what happens because I did a tontería and left our cell phone in the taxi... 

It´s been a pretty significant pain to not have a cell phone... but we´re managing and we should get a new one within a few weeks.  Walking works pretty well, as I´ve seen my entire mission.  The zone leaders had to take the weekly reports of the missionaries of my district, and as of right now we´re calling them every night from public phones (which are CRAZY expensive it´s ridiculous) on the street to see about announcements and stuff like that.

I think that’s it for now.  Have a great week!  Good luck with your Spanish, Mom!  Thank you so much for your prayers.  I love and miss you all!  

Con amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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