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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012--Week 35

Dear Mom,

I know I´m getting kind of bad at sending a good bloggable email each week, but aside from what I already wrote to you, there´s not a ton to report this week.  Here´s my report:

I´m happy!!!!!!  We baptized Ana on Saturday and confirmed her on Sunday!  And her Mom, who goes to a Presbyterian church had just been like "no, I don´t want to listen but you can teach her, thank you" before, but she totally felt the Spirit, especially while Ana was giving the closing prayer and started crying in the middle of it.  So, we´re going to start teaching her as well, and we´re hoping that will open the door to being able to teach the rest of her family.  

First of all, if this location looks familiar, we had this baptism in the San José chapel, which is such a pretty chapel.  I want one like that again... but anyway!

I´m also happy because Antonio is getting baptized this week.  He´s a teacher (like I said before, being a teacher here is not like being a teacher in the US--these guys make bank), and I think he´s about 40ish, and married with two kids (who are 16 and 19ish I think).  His wife is not super friendly toward us.  She´s very catholic.  And his kids I think are kind of scared of the mom in that aspect.  But his son, the older one, is friendly, and I think that after seeing his dad´s example will start listening to us, and with time, the mom will soften her heart as she feels the Spirit and sees the changes that the Gospel makes in her husband and family.  The missionaries found Antonio more than 3 years ago, and according to his teaching record he had already received all the teachings (that doesn´t feel like the right word... I´m shooting for "enseñanza"), and he came to church for like 5 months straight.  And then stopped.  A couple of missionaries have gone back to find him but nothing really came from that, and so we thought we´d look for him and see what happened (2 or 3 weeks ago).  We found him, and he told us that he´s made a lot of changes in his life, but that he´s been trying to make more, and he hasn´t been able to make those changes by himself.  We had the opportunity to really testify to him that it´s the Gospel of Jesus Christ that changes lives, and it is ONLY through that Gospel that we can make all the changes to overcome the natural man.  He committed to be baptized in that lesson, and here we are in the last week before his baptism.  We´re super psyched, because the branch already knows and loves him from so much time ago that he started, and because he participates like crazy in church, and he is going to be an incredible Priesthood holder and a huge strength to our struggling "ramita".  

So, all is very much well here :) my English is going down the drain more and more, and it's horrible, but whatever.  I don´t need to use it all that much down here.  So you have permission to laugh at the various grammatical and spelling errors that I´m sure exist in this email :)

Eres la mejor mamá en todo el mundo :) cuídate mucho.

Con amor,
Elder Nickerl

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