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Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012--Week 13

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Buenas tardes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo.... I´m going to try to talk about me again this week since that´s what I´ve been told to do :) but, I did realllllly enjoy hearing from all of you and all the new stuff that´s going on this week!  I´m almost out of time already since I just sent some pictures.  They take a really long time to attach.  I sent them all in separate emails, so I hope they all just come through right away this time.

San José:
So, we went to Tuxtla this week, as I said in the picture emails.  It was awesome to see Elder Turner again and basically just be able to speak Spanish with him this time around.  It was funny to compare how I felt between the last time I was in the mission offices (my first day) and this week.  It was funny to be there without being completely nervous to try to talk to someone in public haha...

Anyway, investigators:

We lacked two days from going to Tuxtla, and they were Thursday and Friday (huge teaching days since we usually do a lot of scheduling Tuesday and Wednesday and a lot of teaching the rest of the week), so our numbers took a large hit from that, and we didn´t get all the things done that we wanted to.  It´s ok though, because it´s pretty necessary that I be legal here...

Cesar (I told you guys about him last week) we could not find.  It´s difficult sometimes.  And frustrating because he´s soooo great when we find him... But he works all the time and is hardly ever home.  We´re going to try to schedule a baptismal date with him this week though.

Albertina:  this lady is a little bit crazy.  She´s 29 years old, speaks a little bit of English, and is married to a gringo who lives in Tijuana (who only speaks a little bit of spanish... not sure how that worked out).  But she´s golden.  She keeps all her committments, and we´ve seen her change so much in the last month.  It´s incredible.  She´s getting baptized the 9th (even though she´s already ready.... she just won´t move her date up haha).  We´re really excited! 

I´ve got to go :( love you all!!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Nickerl

This lovely contraption is our kitchen sink/washing machine.  Also our front door is off to the right.

Me in the rain.  :)

My hammock is a good friend of mine... when we went to Tuxtla this week I had to sleep on a bed.  I didn´t like it any more and was very grateful to get back to my hammock the next night.

The hammock is fairly good sized as well.  I´m a big fan of it.

Elder Turner and I when we had to go to Tuxtla this week to get our papers all worked out (I´m officially legal here for a year now).

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