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Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012--Week 12

Glad you guys got my emails from last week.  And, now you have the username/password combo just in case something like that happens again.  I´m not going to send more pictures today... I´ll try to take some more of me and Elder Howell.  And I´ll take one of my hammock as well :)

So as to answer your preguntas...

1.  We email each week from a little ciber lobby.  Here they just call them "ciberes".  It´s not pronounced like a Spanish word though... just like cibers.  Yes the keyboards are different--that´s why my apostrophes look like accents.  Because they are actually accents haha.  (acentos así <--)
2.  My blisters are doing much better.  Almost gone now actually.  I´m getting used to walking so much, and everything is getting much better on that front.  Thank you so much for your prayers!  Also, the rain season has officially started, and it´s raining every day now.  So the weather is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nicer.  It´s actually not that bad any more. 
3.  The rule with is technically only your immediate family is supposed to email you through the service.  So for the sake of obedience through dearelder would be best.  I should be having zone conference some time this week (we still don´t know the exact day), so I think I would get them then.

Thanks for letting me know about prom and stuff!  I loved the pictures!  I would like to respond more to your emails, but according to orders of Mom I´m going to be talking about only me here for the next 12 minutes (til I get off) :p so... Oh but I did actually want to say real quick how excited I am for Taylor!  Tell him I´m super psyched for him.  La gente hispanica es una gente muy especial.  Here´s the update on el área San José:

First of all, I gave a discourse in Sacrament meeting yesterday.  I was reallllllly nervous because the bishop asked me to prepare something in case two of the speakers didn´t show.  And it was pouring when we walked to church, so actually only one of the other speakers showed up.  Needless to say, I gave my talk.  I was the first one to speak after the Sacrament, so at least I didn´t have to sit there the whole meeting anticipating it.  Once I got up the the pulpit, I wasn´t nervous any more.  I definitely had a ton of divine help, because I gave a 10 minute talk in Spanish on being an example of the believers by using 6 bulleted points that I felt I actually delivered pretty well. 

On that note, my Spanish is skyrocketing.  I understand what people are saying more and more.  I´ve been working during my language study on watching videos (La Restauración, Los Testamentos, etc) in Spanish and trying to translate them to English, and I´m getting pretty good at it.  I really don´t ever have problems communicating a point from my end, and the understanding is really coming :) I´m pretty psyched. 

Just wanted to tell you about one investigator we have right now in specific.  I don´t have too much time left, but we´ve been teaching a man who has 38 years (i think), and we´re going to invite him to be baptized this week.  This is super exciting because he has two little girls and a wife as well (that will be moving back in with him soon.  They haven´t been living together) and we´re really hoping for the chance to teach his wife as well so that they can be sealed in a year.

Well, I´ve got to go!  Love you tons!

Con amor,
Elder Nickerl

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