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Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012--Week 11

Dear Family,

MOM, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY ON MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!! Mother's Day here was Thursday so I totally forgot :( sorry.  Happy Mother´s Day a day late.  Me alegro tanto que tú eres mi mamá y que he tenido la oportunidad de aprender en mi vida de alguién tan fuerte y amorosa como tú.  ¡¡¡Te amo mucho!!!

First of all, here is my direction:

Manzana 10 casa 1
Calle Rio Negro
Fraccionamiento Texcuyuapan
Tapachula, Chiapas

Sorry, I don´t have a zip code.... That would probably make things a lot easier for you, but we don´t know what it is.  I hope that´s enough for you to be able to find us on google maps :

I´m going to write letters today.  I haven´t been able to do any individual correspondence because there just isn´t enough time to email.  So I´m going to write today. 

Next of all I´m going to send some pictures.  I´m just trying to give you a glimpse of my world down here :) although google maps can probably do that too... Also, take note of what the street looks like when it rains.  It´s great.

I have to go if I want to get more pictures attached, but I really love and miss all of you!  Talking to you last night was awesome!  It made me sad because it wasn´t really enough time, especially not to talk to each of you and see how you´re doing, but it was great.  

I hope each one of you is doing well, and amongst your busy lives, remembering what is really the most important:  the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Adam, Jared, Jacob, and Anna, always remember that there are people, whether people who you will teach on you mission, or your children, that there are people whose salvation depends on your willingness to serve them and your testimony.  The Lord has a great work in mind for each member of our family, and if you keep progressing in His Gospel, you will truly be prepared to be instruments in His hands to work miracles in the lives of those around you.  

I love you all!

Con amor,

Elder Andrew Nickerl

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