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Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012--Week 14

Hello fam!

Aquí está mi carta a Presidente Cárdenas (me olvidé de hacer esto la semana pasada):

La semana pasada fue una semana muy buena para mí.  La segunda mitad de la semana empecé de hablar y participar más en enseñando, contactando, y comunicando con el obispo y otros miembros del barrio.  Me daba cuenta en esta esfuerza que más o menos ya puedo decir lo que quiera decir y entender casi todo que diga la gente, y he visto mucha ayuda del Señor.  También, acabamos de planear un bautismo para el 9 de junio por una hermana a quien enseñamos desde mi primera semana.

Esta semana nos vamos a esforzar en ayudando a nuestros investigadores a guardar sus compromisos.  Hay muchas personas que enseñamos que no están progresando por ese razón, entonces esta semana vamos a ver si realmente quieren progresar y guardar sus compromisos (especialmente la asistencia a la iglesia) o si nesecitamos dejarlos.  Tenemos otra meta también de planear mejor esta semana para que tantas citas no caigan.  También vamos a pedir a miembros el día antes de la cita si nos pueden acompañar para que tengamos más citas con miembros, el que nos ayudará mucho con la asistencia a la iglesia.

Y ya mi carta a ustedes:

Well, first update:  I speak Spanish.  It´s a pretty good thing to speak here in Tapachula.  So far I´ve talked to one person who is not a missionary who fluently speaks English, so Spanish is fairly important.  Anyway, I pretty much understand everything people say now, and unless I´m trying to say something really complicated, or if I don´t know a certain word here or there, I can basically say whatever I want.  It rocks :) everyone told me I would be more or less fluent in about 3 months, and I feel really close right now, so I´m pretty psyched about that.  Speaking of which, Mom I´m so excited for you to get to start your Spanish class!!  Spanish is a beautiful language.  It´s more expressive than English (still not for me definitely, but it really is haha), and it just rocks.  I´ll definitely keep you in my prayers. 

Quick story to make you guys laugh real quick.  Tuesday Elder Howell and I were touching doors (as we say in Spanish), and we started talking to this guy sitting outside his house.  He was reallllly drunk.  To share a brief part of the conversation:

Boracho:  ¿Y cómo creen ustedes que se construyeron las pirámidas?}
Elder Howell: Por esfuerza, paso a paso, poco a poco.
Boracho:  ¡No!, es una gran mentira eso.  ¿Cómo que podían constuir esas pirámidas sólo por esfuerza?  Se construyeron las pirámidas por marijuana.

Drunk guy:  And how do you think the pyramids were built?
Elder Howell:  By effort, step by step, little by little.
Drunk guy:  No!  That´s a huge lie.  How could they have built the pyramids just by effort?  The pyramids were built by (the builders using) marijuana.

So yes, that was interesting.  We were talking about the Book of Mormon and how it was written here on the American continent, and then he asked us that.  We cracked up laughing (we tried pretty hard not to, but how could we not have at that point?), gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet, and left. 

So, to talk about my investigators real quick:
Albertina is still crazy.  She kind of scares us a little bit, and she calls us all the time about really insignificant stuff.  BUT she´s getting baptized this Saturday!!!  And she´s really ready too.  She´s been to church every week since my first Sunday, and she always keeps her commitments.  And she stopped drinking.  So we´re pretty psyched for that!

We´re teaching a young married couple named Ana and Manuel.  They´re really smart and always understand really well what we teach, but we´re having a tough time getting them to keep their commitments and come to church.  So we´re going to be focusing a lot on that with them this week.  We´re teaching them tonight at the church and we´re going to have our lesson in front of the baptismal font and inviting them to be baptized.  The only problem is this week we´re supposed to be inviting for the 30 of June, and Ana is expecting a baby around the end of June/beginning of July.  So we´ll see how that goes.

Gabriel is basically in the same boat as Ana y Manuel.  He gets everything we teach, he just needs to keep his commitments and come to church.  We´re going to do the same thing with him at the church on Tuesday.  He actually already has a baptismal date though (the 23), so we´re working toward preparing him for that.

Oh and we found Cesar this week!  We´ll be teaching him Tuesday and challinging him to be baptized.

Love you all!

Elder Nickerl

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