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Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012--Week 17

Buenos días Presidente:
Cada semana es mejor que la última.  El área de San José realmente es increible.  Los miembros del barrio siempre están dispuestos a ayudarnos y apoyarnos en lo que nesecitemos, y esta semana casi la mitad de nuestras lecciones se ensenaron con miembros presente. 
También, nuestro asistencia sigue mejorando cada semana.  Esta semana tuvimos 97 en la iglesia, y casi logramos nuestra meta de 100.  Familias menos activas y más investigadores llegan. 
Tenemos ahorita un hermano que es muy bueno con una fecha bautismal para el 7 de julio.  Ha dejado de tomar, y ya ha llegado dos veces en la iglesia.  Todavia tenemos algunos investigadores que se impeden por no llegar a la iglesia, entonces una meta que tenemos en la samana que viene es ayudar cada uno de ellos resolver sus dudas y hacer y guardar sus compromisos, especialmente el de llegar a la iglesia.
He aprendido mucho esta semana en mi estudio personal.  Estoy terminando el primér libro de Nefi en El Libro de Mormón, y de su ejemplo de diligencia en obediencia a los mandamientos del Señor, aunque sus hermanos siempre tratan de impedirlo, me ha ayudado en esforzarme por siempre estar obediente.

Hello family!

Here I am at another Monday.  When next Monday comes around I will have had as much time in the field as I had in the MTC.  Four months already.  That´s pretty crazy for me.  Thanks so much for sending pictures this week!  It´s great to see how things are going back home.  Mom, it looks like crossfit has been working well for you--you look great!  Keep up the good work!

Update on San José:

We’re going to be having another baptism the 7th of July!  Salvador, who we started teaching two weeks ago (and was drunk the first time we taught him), has stopped drinking, and has been to church each Sunday since then.  The only downside of this is that his wife doesn´t really like us (although she has become quite a bit more happy with us since he stopped drinking) and won´t listen to our lessons.  With a little bit of time though I´m sure she´ll become a lot more open and ready to accept the Gospel. 

We´ve had a little bit of trouble finding Cesar again this week.  He works a ton and that can be a problem a lot of the time.  We´re hopefully going to find him tonight though and set a baptismal date for him for the 14th.   

We have a lot of people who are progressing right now that should have baptismal dates right now, but have a couple things impeding them.  For example, we´re teaching a mom and two daughters who are really animated (not sure how I would translate that well in English... "excited" just sounds like a weird word there) to listen to us, but the dad makes them go to church with him every week and won´t let them come to ours.  There´s also a really old couple (like REALLY old, I can understand aproximatley 4% of what the old man says) that´s going to be married within the next couple weeks, and then they can get baptized as well.  They´re awesome, even though I can´t understand a blessed thing they say.  A sentence that Victoriano (the husband) says sounds about like this to me: "a aflkañsdjf aeifa ñf e jñaiefja ef jñefjaw e "lamina" (which is like a metal sheet that people use for roofing here) asldkjfaeñi jfefjefj ji aiefjñe "luz" lkasjdf jñjieife".  It goes something like that anyway.  His wife can´t talk or hear, but she just always smiles and is really happy and gives us thumbs up.  I´m really excited for them to be able to be baptized!  Also, there is another family that Elder Howell and Elder Rios taught for a while before I got here who moved out of town my first week that is moving back into the ward.  They´re also going to be getting married within a couple of weeks and they also have a 9-year old that are all going to be baptized right after that!

Something cool that we have going this week is that there is a priest in a ward who is going to be accompanying us all week.  He´ll be with us from 8 in the morning when we start our studies until 9:30 pm when we finish planning, and then he´ll go to his house to sleep.  His name is Mario, and he´s Adam and Jared´s age.  He actually reminds me a lot of you guys other than that he doesn´t speak English and that he´s about a foot shorter.  But he´s awesome and it´s going to be a really good opportunity for us to help one of the young men see a little bit about how missionary work really is.  He started with us yesterday, and it was reallllllly good to have someone there that forces us to speak Spanish all the time and to just be an example for. 

Funny story from yesterday:  Elder Howell and I were doing divisions so that we could pass for all the people that were supposed to be coming to church.  Mario and I went by Gabriel´s house.  This part of the story is not that funny because Gabriel didn´t come to church.  But his dad came out after I woke him up banging on the door and was not very happy with us.  Anyway, we went toward the church and when we were almost there a drunk guy that stopped us and was asking us about Joseph Smith (that happens all the time).  We were almost late, so I told him that I we needed to go, but that we´d like to invite him to come to church.  He said he´d go put his bike away and then come.  He was reallllly drunk, so I didn´t think he´d even remember, but 5 minutes later, he actually showed up.  We weren´t sure what to do, because we started walking into the chapel right before Sacrament meeting started and he started yelling greetings to the whole congregation (he wasn´t being antagonistic or anything, he was just really happy to be there and very drunk), so we took him out to a different room and just talked with him a little bit, gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet, took down his address, and told him we´d come back and talk to him when he wasn´t as drunk. 

That´s about all I have to report this week.  I love you all!!

Con amor,
Elder Nickerl

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