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Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013--Week 65

Hello :)

This has been another wonderful week.  We had our baptism Friday.  It was an awesome experience.  I had the opportunity to perform the ordinance, and it was just an awesome service with a lot of support from the branch, especially the youth and their leaders.  The girl who was baptized is a friend of all of the young women here in the branch and she started going to seminary every day, so they introduced us to her.  And then we taught her.  And then she wanted to get baptized :) and then this week, she got baptized.  

Also, we´re for sure going to have another baptism at the end of next week.  We´ve had more investigators in church the last couple of weeks as well, which is awesome.  We´re super excited.  We´re going to have lots and lots of baptisms in these next couple months.  Up until this point in my mission, I haven´t been in an area for more than 4 months.  We don´t have changes for another few weeks, but I really hope that I have the chance to be here a while with Elder Reyes.  I´m learning a lot from him and we work really well together.  

Umm… Other than that, there´s not too much new :) I´m sorry that´s what I always say.  I feel like I´ve gotten progressively worse at writing home since the beginning of my mission.  

Oh yeah one thing I was going to tell you is that the members we live with had some really dirty and dusty exercise machines that nobody had used for a while, and we finally cleaned them off and decided that we were going to use them.  So I´ve now been running on a treadmill (although I hate treadmills and this is a horrible treadmill).  And I realized that I´m in horrible shape.  So, that´ll do me some good :) 

Have a great week!  You are the best!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

We did have a baptism this week.  Here's the photo...and I look like a giant as usual.  :)

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