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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 13, 2013--Week 63

Dear Family,

It was so great talking to you guys last night :) although Jacob and Anna, I´m so sorry that we had the change of plans and that I talked later and didn´t get to talk to you guys. But, I was really happy to be able to still talk with Jared, Adam, Mom, and Dad.  

So, this week we are just overwhelmed with work!  We have so many investigators!  I love it so much!  We´ve been working super super hard and it´s paying off.  It feels so good to have the support of the members.  We´re going to have a baptism this week :) and hopefully the week after.  And the week after would be nice as well but we´ll see about that :) The family I was telling you guys about last night is awesome.  The Mom hasn´t been religious her whole life but now that she´s married with three little boys I think religion is starting to become more of a subject of thought for her.  She read Alma 32 and just yesterday we taught them about exactly HOW to plant the seed that Alma talks about, and now she's going to start reading to Book of Mormon and praying to know if it´s true and about the Restoration of the Gospel.

Sorry that I have no photos to send... since I lost my camera charger again that makes it kind of tough.  I´ll send one next week of the baptism from Elder Reyes´s camera.

Hmm... that´s basically my report for the week :) Oh!  I thought of more stuff that I would like to ask for in a package.  And I forgot half of it already.  So, for next week I´m going to write it down every time I think of something.  But, when Dad sent me a package from Afghanistan, he sent me gatorade powder, and that was cool.  And also he sent me these beef sticks that aren´t like beef jerkey, they´re softer.  I think they´re called snack sticks. I don´t know if you could try to find some of those, but that would be wonderful.  And Jared´s idea sounded good...just stuff that looks like it doesn´t exist here in Mexico. Umm... I definitely had thought of more things.  But they walked out of mind while I wrote our weekly report to the assistants.  So... yeah.  Hmm.  I promise I'll write them down for next week :) 

Have a great week!  I love all of you!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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