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Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013--Week 49

Dear Family,

Sorry I didn´t send a weekly scripture last week.  Se me olvidó y se me acabó el tiempo.  But here it is for this week:

The scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 6:22-23.  I love this scripture, and whenever I read it, it casts all doubt out of my mind.  People may not believe that God exists or that He loves His children.  But I know He does.  People may say that Jesus Christ really couldn´t have taken upon Himself our sins, or that He never really was resurrected.  But I know that He did and that He was.  People may say that Joseph Smith was a fraud or a lier.  But I know He was a prophet called by God.  People may say that there is nothing that scientifically backs up the Book of Mormon, and that it´s false.  But I know that it was written by prophets of God to help us to "come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him" (Moroni 10:32). People may say that the Church is not true, that it is a cult, that we worship the devil, or whatever they like.  But I know it is the Church of Jesus Christ, that He stands at it´s head, and that He placed it here on Earth for our mortal and eternal happiness.  

I know, because God spoke peace to my mind.  Not in a manner that shook the earth, or even that I heard His voice or even words at all.  But, He spoke peace to my mind and to my heart.  What greater witness can I have than from God? 

So, not too much to report this week.  It would actually have been a pretty discouraging week if I let stuff get to me :) but I don´t, so we´re doing great over here.  Basically, everyone that we found last week told us that they don´t want us to come by anymore or they´re hiding from us.  To answer your questions, Mom, Antonio went to work in Tapachula supposedly for a few days, then came back briefly, then took off again, and we haven´t been able to see him since they day I told you about them.  The family that I talked to you guys about can´t come to church because they have classes every Sunday, and because of that, really can´t progress.  But, they graduate in May, and we already put their baptismal date in June so that if other missionaries come they keep visiting them because they´re really really good people.  

Also, sorry I forgot to say anything about they shirts!  They got here fine and they fit me perfectly.  And they are the whitest shirts I´ve worn in a very long time (hand washing is such a pain and doesn´t work quite as well as a washing machine) and I am VERY grateful to have them.  That reminds me also about what you said about the change in package prices.  That´s a crazy price hike!  But don´t worry about it, I know that you love me even if you can´t send me a package every month. :)  You´re awesome.

Hmm... Sorry that I have so little to say.  I just want you guys all to know that I´m happy even though we may not be having an incredible amount of success.  I know that blessings come after the trial of our faith, and I´m willing to have my faith tried as long as the Lord wants.  Meanwhile, I´ll hold on to His promised blessings and comply with my part and be at peace.

I hope everyone heals from all their sicknesses this week and that it turns out to be a great week.  I pray for you all constantly.  I love you so much.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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