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Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013--Week 51

Buenas tardes fam,

Today is a wonderful day :) 

So, I spent a very large portion of my personal study this week studying one of the most extensive topics in the Gospel, and I feel like I learned a ton more than I knew before, although I can´t really put my finger on any one new thing that I learned. I think that´s generally referred to as strengthening our testimonies when it happens like that.  But anyway, the topic I´ve been studying is faith. The scripture that I´m going to share is very short and very profound.  

The scripture is Moroni 7:33. Do we really believe the declaration that that scripture makes?  If we can´t say that we believe it with all of our hearts, we need to examine ourselves and figure out why.

Faith is a principle of power. Take a look at Ether 12:6-22 or Hebrews 11 for examples. We, as God´s children, have the capacity for much more than our mortal minds can comprehend.  

Faith is the first principle of the Gospel for a reason.  It is important.  Believe in God. Trust in Him. Trust that following His commandments will ALWAYS lead us to better results than not doing so, even if it doesn´t seem like that at the time. Trust that He can lend us His power to bring to pass great things.  

What a great week this has been!  Capped off by the out-of-nowhere surprise that I´m going to be training again!  Although official changes aren´t until March, there are some this week because a few missionaries are going home and a few are getting here.  But yeah, that was a cool surprise :) I´ve always wanted to train a new (like brand new—straight out of the MTC) missionary.  

Apart from that, we found a couple of awesome investigators this week! And we brought one of them to church (we haven´t been able to do that since who knows how long ago)!!!! And then we found another guy who we´d talked with a few weeks back but who went to the DF (Mexico City) for a couple of weeks so we hadn’t been able to get with him.  He´s got a lot of problems with alcohol, but he told us he wants to be a member of the Church, and we were like, "Yep, we can definitely help you with that."  We´re going to see him again tonight.  We also found another young married couple with a little girl.  We were super excited about them after our first visit, but we haven´t been able to find them since then, so that´s been kind of tough.  But anyway, I´m psyched that I get to start training this week, now that we have some stuff going on in our area.  I´m so excited because my companion isn´t going to have any predisposed  ideas about how it´s ok to be just a little bit disobedient (that is tontería by the way), or that we can only have a certain amount of success or teach a certain amount of lessons in one week.  So, I´m going to do the best I can to set his expectations at sky-level based on what we do here in the next few weeks. I want his expectation to be that missionaries baptize every week (President has promised us before that that is a possibility in every area).  

So, that´s what I have to report this week. :) I love being a missionary. I really miss you guys a lot, but I´m so glad I´m here. I love this work and I love these people.  I´ll probably freak out when I find myself back in a world where not everyone is Mexican.  But anyway, this week I read a scripture that I really liked and I feel like I relate to a little bit.  Even more now than when I left.  Alma 17:13 says:  "And it came to pass when they had arrived in the borders of the land of the Lamanites, that they separated themselves, trusting in the Lord that they should meet again at the close of their harvest; for they supposed that great was the work which they had undertaken." I miss you guys, but I know the work that I have undertaken is great. It is the Lord´s work. I am so grateful that right now it is the only thing I have to worry about.  There is no lifestyle more satisfying than being constantly in the service of the Lord. It´s unreal that I´m almost at the half way point.  I´m not sure how I feel about that.

But anyway, I love you all!  I´m so glad for the success that you´re all having in your lives.  You´re all in my prayers, with each of your individual endeavors and conerns in your lives right now.  

Con mucho amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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