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Monday, August 13, 2012

August 2012 Photos

We walk this railroad bridge a couple times a week.  It´s a nice shortcut to another part of our area.  We do most of our work here in Huixtla and in another group of colonies just outside of Huixtla called "Vida Mejor" (made up of Toresillas, Carlos Monte Mayor, Cañaveral, Hortencias, y Vida Mejor).  The bridge takes a 45 minute walk and makes it into a 25-30 minute walk.  It´s nice. 

Here I am on the same bridge... 
Quick side note, the little hump on the hill on the left is "La Piedra de Huixtla".  I want to hike up there one p-day.  We´ll see if that´s actually doable, though, because supposedly it takes 5 or so hours to get up there.

We attempted an action shot (not too much action, just walking), but we couldn´t get the timing right and we had to get to our appointment.

 The next couple are just going to be shots of el hermoso estado de Chiapas.

We´re teaching a sister who lives about 100 meters away from this river.  We´re hoping that within a couple weeks she´ll be baptized in it (yes, this is a "baptize in rivers" area). 

This photo would be a lot better with two people in baptismal clothing, but like I said, hopefully that one is coming soon. 

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