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Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012--Week 24

Hello!  As always, it is really, really great to hear from everyone.  I keep wanting to use my time to talk with you guys about what´s going on in your lives but I believe I´m still on strict orders from Mom... :p

1. Tell us about some of the people you are teaching and how the work is progressing in Huixtla.

These couple of weeks have been kind of tough actually.  Almost all of the people that we found my first week have disappeared, and we´re back to knocking doors all day again.  I´m starting to see kind of a problem here that we didn´t have in San José, Tapachula.  Just about everybody is willing to listen to us.  But the problem is, all they want to do is listen.  When they realize that we're not only there to talk at them, and that we actually want them to help them make changes in their lives, they don´t want to listen to us anymore.  So, we teach a ton of lessons, but waste a grand amount of time in teaching people who have no intention of changing.

2. Is your apartment in Huixtla nicer or less nice than the living conditions in Tapachula?  How about the other people's houses?

I really like our apartment here.  It´s a lot more like an apartment in the United States (with the lack of all the normal technology things: air conditioning, hot water, an oven, a washing machine, and that it's still made out of concrete).  We actually have a kitchen sink here, which is pretty sweet.  And the bathroom is actually normal sized, not just a 3x3 foot cube.  Í’ve been pretty bummed though because there is not a spot to hang my hammock.  So that´s disappointing.  Other people's houses just depend.  The majority of people have houses of at least concrete.  The really poor people though just have a roof of "lamina" (which is like a metal sheet kind of thing) with walls of wood or cardboard.  Sometimes it really amazes me how it is that they can stay standing.

3. How are you doing with clothes/shoes/ties/socks? Are you getting tired of your ties?  Are your shirts and pants holding up?

I´m doing great on clothes.  New ties would be kind of cool I guess (gifting ties to people, members and other missionaries, is a really big thing between missionaries down here).  BUT only if you can find them really cheap.  Because they do get pretty destroyed down here.  As for shirts and pants, I've got more than enough right now, which I´m sure I will be verrrrry grateful for in a year (Elder Alonso has two pairs of pants and a few shirts left finishing his mission, so he has to wash his clothes almost every night haha).  My shoes are also holding up pretty successfully.  It´s super nice to have two pairs at once since we get rained on just about every day.  They´re starting to show a little bit of wear, but they´re holding up really well.  I´ll let you know if I need more at any point, although I may just buy some new ones down here.  Apparently the brand "Flexi" here is pretty nice and reasonably priced.  I´ll let you know once it becomes a problem :)

I love you all tons and you´re constantly in my prayers.  I hope each member of our family can always remember how much we love one another and show it in every action, because I can promise you all (as well as Dad I´m sure), that once you´re on the other side of the world you realize that there is nothing more important.

Con amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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