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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 18, 2013--Week 55

Hello everyone :)

So, this has been a great week.  We´ve been able to find a ton of people here in Margaritas to teach.  We are glad we were able to move--it was definitely inspired.  The field is white--already to harvest here.  I don´t remember if I already said it or not, but we have an investigator here in Las Margaritas who finished the Book of Mormon in about two weeks.  So that´s pretty cool.  

Other news:  we got transfers today.  First of all, after just being able to start working in Margaritas (that was almost like a transfer in and of itself), I´m leaving. :( I would have liked to have a little bit more time and to strengthen this little branch, but the Lord is in charge and He knows what He´s doing.  Así que, iré y haré.  I´m going to a tiny little town on the west side of the mission called "Chahuites".     There I´ll have the opportunity and responsibility of being Zone Leader (and thus more or less junior comp again, which will be kind of cool since it´s been awhile) of the Oaxaca zone.  Our zone covers the small amount of the state of Oaxaca that is in our mission.  And my comp is going to be American. I don´t really know much about him.  I think I´ve shaken his hand once or twice but I´ve never actually met him.  It will be different, but I´m pretty neutral on being with an American or Mexican or Peruvian.  After like 8 or 9 months of living with non-Americans I think that I live more like a Mexican than an American anyway.  I put huge globs of gel in my hair every day and I eat tortilla with every meal (including Macaroni and Cheese), and I pretty much only cook mexican food.  But, I already committed myself to not speaking English with him (not that that should be that much of a problem anyway since my English is more of a mess than my Spanish).  Also, Elder Esparza is coming here from Huixtla to take my place, so I feel at peace leaving the area in his hands.  It´s kind of funny that two elders in a row are coming here from Huixtla.  Oh, and it´s also kind of funny because the elder that was here before me also left from here to Chahuites (and is now going to be my comp).  So, two in a row there too.  But anyway, that´s the news on the transfers.  It´s hot there.  So I´m excited about that.  After being in Huixtla and being very hot and then freezing my tail off my entire time here in Comitán, I'm happy to be going back to the heat.  If you want to look for Chahuites on the map, you´ll probably have to zoom in pretty far, so look to the west of Arriaga and up the coast a little.  

Thank you for the constant updates from home.  I love hearing about your lives.  I hope you all know that I love you very much and that I pray for you often.  You are a strength to me.  

Con mucho amor,
Elder Nickerl

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