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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 29, 2012--MTC Week 4 (hand-written letter)

Hey Fam!

Sorry I don’t have time this afternoon for individual letters, but I wanted to send a letter home with some spiritual insights.

First, I want to talk about the Book of Mormon.  Something that has been drilled into us since we’ve been at the MTC is that the Book of Mormon is the best tool that we have in helping our investigators gain faith in Jesus Christ.  Yesterday we had a taller (I think that roughly translates to “workshop” in English) where we paired off with another missionary not in our district and took turns challenging each other to do a reading assignment in the Book of Mormon and bear testimonies on its power (like we would for an investigator).  We actually did the reading right there (we didn’t know about that part when we started).  I read 1 Nephi 19 and Mosiah 14 and felt an incredibly powerful outpouring of the Spirit and love and gratitude for my Savior. 

So, I want to challenge you to all read Alma 7 the same way.  Start with a prayer to have the Spirit with you as you read and to strengthen your testimony as you read.  Try to do this with a different chapter (especially a chapter about the Savior) every Sunday.  I promise that if you all do this with the right attitude and prayerfully, your testimonies of Jesus Christ will be strengthened.  You will be infinitely more prepared as missionaries with a better knowledge of the scriptures and most importantly, an unshakeable testimony of the Savior. A list of awesome chapters to read can be found on pages 47-48 of Preach My Gospel in the box entitled “Helping Others Learn about Jesus Christ.”  If you do this, I know that when I come home, I’ll be able to feel like Alma in Alma 17:2-3.

Next thought I want to share is specifically about being a missionary, but I think it relates to all member of the church.  Elder Bednar says two different things that I want to share:

1.     “A mission is good for everyone, but not everyone is good for the mission.”
2.     “Don’t just be on a mission, BECOME a missionary.”


1.     “The gospel is good for everyone, but not everyone is good for the church.”
2.     “Don’t just be a member of the church, BECOME a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

By doing number two, we can make sure we are those that are good for the mission/church.  As missionaries/members, we are called by our Father in Heaven to put off the world and live by a higher and nobler standard.  This especially applies to those of us who hold the Priesthood.  We need to show Heavenly Father that we are willing to do whatever He asks of us so that when the moment of need arises, we are prepared to do His will by invoking the powers of Heaven to work miracles among His children.  This priesthood is truly able to empower us to part seas, move mountains, heal the sick, and even raise the dead, as long as it is the will of the Father.  We must be worthy of it at all times.  Watch “The Power of God” Mormon Message again. 

The last thing I want to share is the first verse of “Llamados a Servir” (Called to Serve).  It’s really cool, because it’s quite a bit different than in English (although it’s still awesome in English).  Here it is:

“Somos hoy llamados al servicio
(We are called today to the service)
a dar testimonio de Jesus.
(to give testimony of Jesus)
Vamos a un mundo en tinieblas
(We go unto a world in darkness)
para proclamar la luz.
(to proclaim the light)
Prestos, todos prestos, cantaremas en union.
(Ready, all are ready, we will sing together)
Listos, siempre listos, entonemos la cancion
(Ready, always ready, as we sing (in unison) His song)
Todas, cantaremos, nuestros alegre son triunfal.
(All, as we sing, our joy is triumphant)
Dios now da poder,
(God gives us power)
luchemos en la causa celestial!”
(as we fight for the Celestial cause.)

It’s way better when it’s not translated into English.  It’s so cool and there are four verses!  And I wish I could write them all, but I don’t have time.  It looks like I would have had time to do short individual letters, but I’m glad I wrote this instead.

Mom, if you would like to blog this, feel free, because I think (& hope) every one could benefit from taking at least the Book of Mormon advice.  BUT, it’s a lot to type up, so don’t feel like you have to. 

I’m sending the SD card with this.  There will definitely be some strange pictures, but hopefully there are a few that are good and you’ll even get to see what the carpet in my room looks like. 

Thank you all for writing me.  Monday nights when I get my dearelders from the weekend are my favorites.  I love you so much and pray for all of you so often.  I know Heavenly Father is watching over our whole family and that He loves us so much and blesses us often.  So always make the choice to be happy.  J

La iglesia es verdadera, Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador, y nos ama, exactamente como Su padre.  El pago el precio per nuestros pecados, y sufrio para que pueda sucorernos en nuestros dolores y enfermedades.  Siempre podemos encontrar paz y consuelo en El cuando el resto del mundo no entiende.

Les amo mucho. Vayan con Dios todos los dias, y recuerden que El pueda fortalecernos.

Con amor,
Elder Andrew Nickerl

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