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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013--Week 70

Hello everyone!

Is it really Monday again?  These weeks are starting to pass by really, really quickly... Well, this past week we went to Tuxta for our monthly Council of Zone Leaders.  And it was pretty awesome.  We broke down the Work of Salvation broadcast and talked about its implications for us and how we should be working with our units.  So this week here in Chahuites we started our branch mission plan.  Right now, we have about 60-70 people that come to church every week.  We set the goal last night to have 100 people attending every week.  So, that´s a pretty drastic change for so short a period of time, but the members committed to making it happen, and of course we as missionaries are here to back them up every step of the way.  So, I´ll be letting you know how that goes in about a month (assuming they don´t change me when we have changes here in two weeks of course.  Side note: If they don´t change me then I will have been here in Chahuites longer than any other area). 

Apart from that we´re going to be having at least one baptism this Saturday.  We may have one Friday as well--we´re not sure yet.  Unfortunately, after these baptisms, we are going to be completely without investigators that have baptismal dates.  But that´s ok! There are some families in the branch (like the one in the picture below--he´s the 2nd Councilor in the Branch Presidency and she´s the Relief Society President and they are AWESOME) that are working hard and already have people for us to teach.  So, we will definitely not be spending too much time without more baptisms.  We´re happy, the members are happy, and we´re all working together. :)  That produces some pretty amazing results.  

So, that´s about it this week!  I love you all. :) Enjoy work and your summer vacations!

Con mucho amor, 
Elder Andrew Nickerl

This is our zone this change. :) We took this photo at our zone training that we
 gave this past Wednesday.

This is our branch council.  Included we have (more or less from left to right) the YW Pres, Primary Pres, son of the Branch President, RS Pres and her husband (the 2nd councilor in the branch presidency), the YSA Rep and his wife, the branch secretary, the YM Pres, the Branch President, the EQ Pres, the Ward Mission Leader,
 and the missionaries. :)

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